Saturday, February 16, 2013

Giveaway, Tour & Review: Grounded by R.K. Lilley


Why yes Mr. Cavendish…you may take me to the 4th floor.


When this book landed in my inbox, I did a backwards flip (okay it was in my mind cause there is no way I could actually do that but you get the point).  And R.K. did not disappoint!!
Mr. Dominate Controlling Hotter than hell Mr. Cavendish is back in the 3rd installment of series.  First was In flight with Mile High right after.  I thought waiting for Grounded was painful cause I wanted more of Mr. Cavendish!

Grounded picks up with Bianca coming back to James after her little get away!  And Mr. Cavendish is not to happy—well he is happy just hurt from her leaving.  Their reunion is HOT and STEAMY!  And of course the punishment….which is it really punishment??    The chemistry between these two is still electrifying and fun. 

James has it bad for Bianca…I mean bad.  He is so engrossed in this woman that he would staple her to his side if he could so she never left him!  Now some of his craziness is well crazy…but you also feel the love there.   Even if Bianca can’t quite get it out yet. 

Bianca is still fighting all of her inner demons that have had no resolve.  She is apprehensive of totally giving herself to James (and who wouldn’t be after her life).  All her walls are strong, but James keeps breaking them down little by little.  And to make matters worse, her totally insane father is still out there and we know that he is a cold blooded killer.  And she is next on his list.  That is if he can get past the ogles of security that James has put on her.  I mean 4 people to guard one body. I love that Bianca thought so to and expressed it to him.  It made me like her more.  She knows when to stand up and when to step back. She is a very smart woman.

STEPHEN!!!!! Okay, I CAN NOT write a review and not talk about Stephen!  I LOVE him!  I want him to pop out of the book and be my BFF!  (Please R.K. write Stephen’s story!)  Stephen’s loyalty to Bianca is so admirable and it made me total melt for him.  Yes there is lots of co-dependancey going on there…but I have to say if I grew up and all I had was this one person, I would be stuck to them also.  What I totally love is that James gets that and supports that!  Makes me love him more.  I love hearing Stephens POV in a couple of the chapters!   I was in awe! I loved hearing his thoughts and feelings.  I want more!

The sex is totally hot and totally dominate.  We see the different sides of James and how strong Bianca really is cause I tell you what I would have been crying if I were her in a few scenes!  We also see the love that these two have for each other and the fact that they give each other what they need.  It may not be what you or I need, but it is what they need.   It is impressive that they are both strong enough people to realize this. 
I absolutely loved the explosive ending.  I loved how so much emotion was put into these scenes and I felt it…totally felt it. 

The Epilogue was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Overall, MUST read series!  If you have read In Flight and Mile High, you have to read Grounded. It is the conclusion and it is a wonderful read. I couldn’t put it down and ate up Mr. Cavendish!  I can’t wait for R.K.’s next book…whatever it may be!


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