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Cult of Beauty: The Secret Life Of A Supermodel by K.M. Dylan

SPOILER FREE REVIEW -Mature content, reader discretion advised.
3 STARS out of 5
Genre: Erotica

Calling ALL SMUT LOVERS!!!!! This one is for you!

'Part of me wanted to go find Daniel. Wanted
him. Somehow I was very attracted to both men. What’s wrong with me? I thought. Why
couldn’t I just pick one? Gavin. The appropriate one?'

Katie Wolfer is falling for two different men. The problem is ONE of them she needs to stay away from because he is her stepfather. He's forbidden. Right? The other ONE she's been warned to stay away from. He's her best friends brother and a notorious player.

What's a girl to do when she can't stay away from neither man?

Well this girl walks the runway, has sex, snorts coke, parties, gets blackmailed, does E(ecstasy) then has more sex with him, her, her, him and then her and him again. 
Yeah it was a big SMUT FEST. 

Cult Of Beauty: The Secret Life Of A Supermodel

Katie Wolfer is known all over the world as a Supermodel for top design houses such as 


But even Models have to face the real world. And it's not always pretty when they do...

Katie has just step off the stage of the Dior runway show in Paris when she get's the news that her mother had died. Amongst the chaos backstage all she wants to do is scream, instead she gets her wits together and books a flight home. 

Her stepfather Daniel picks her up from the airport. He tells Katie she is welcome to stay with him for as long as she needs. She kindly thanks him and agrees to stay at his home. Daniel is filthy rich and has two kids Ryan and Caroline from a previous relationship. Katie is surprised by the spark of attraction that ignites while she is staying at his home.

Katie is not working at the moment though Daniel has given her a job she still has a lot of down time during the day. Katie begins to think back to her flight home and the guy she met on the plane. Gavin. Gavin also happens to be her best friends brother. Katie was warned to stay away from but after meeting him she can't. The attraction was strong and she wants more of what he has to offer.

Meanwhile Katie is a sexual voyeur who does not seem to shy away from anything. And I do mean anything. 

Okay so this chick was a BIG HORNY MESS but I loved it!!! HAHAHAHA!!
Check this out

'I was feeling the craving for a good hard cock in me. He is an attractive, charismatic man, even if he is around thirty years older than me–his confidence, power and charm make him hot.'
~Inner monologue of Katie

The craziness of her thoughts.. OMG..

'A forbidden thought crossed my mind: Would it be so wrong to take my mother’s place as his lover and wife now that she
was gone? In my mind, I yelled at myself. Yes, it’s wrong. Daughters don’t take their mother’s husbands. And a wicked little devil in my subconscious whispered back, Your mom is dead and he’s not your real father. It’s okay. You didn’t even grow up with him.'
 ~Inner monologue of Katie

My Thoughts
Alright so her is the deal, I thought the book was good. But it had the potential to be great. It had this really nice fantasy tone that shaped it. I think if Dylan would have worked that aspect and made the book in to themed episodes with a cohesive plot it would have worked better. Not to say the plot was not cohesive it was. There was just a lot going on... I felt like the scenes would jump in to something else just as I was getting it to the current storyline...

Not sure if this makes sense to you. In other words stories ran into each other and overlapped it got a little confusing. For instance readers do not get to know Gavin until after she settles in New York and then thinks back to her time on the plane. Therefore instead of just letting the story flow and play out we meet him in a flashback and not when she was initially on the plane. Now don't get me wrong the flashbacks were cool and fun. I just felt like at certain times they interrupted the stories flow.

I think Dylan gave a nice little peek into the fashion world. And I think she shows the ability to grow. I look forward to more of her work.

My Ratings
Characters- Likeable
Writing Style- Good 
Plot/Storyline- Pretty much was a "Love triangle Smut fest"
Steam Factor- High/Very Steamy
Overall- I liked it!

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it!

*Copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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